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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event for all ages?
This is a family-friendly event! Children, 12 and under are free, while 13 – 17 will have a discounted ticket available. You’ll see that add-on option on the ticketing page. Please make sure to select as all attendees (including minors) will need a wristband. All minors must have a parent or guardian in attendance, which will be checked at Family Registration upon entrance to the event.

Can I purchase a camping pass after I’ve purchased festival admission?
Yes! Please reach out via the contact form below and we will assist

Can I change my shipping address?
Please follow the directions on the SeeTickets website to change your shipping address

How can I apply to work this event?
Thank you for your interest! Please send your resume to with the festival you are inquiring about in the subject line.

Is Bell camping pricing total or per person?
Bell camping pricing is total. Only one person would have to pay the amount, and you will be allowed the number of people your package provides.

Is the Bell Glamping add-on separate from the general car camping?
Yes, it is separate. The bell tent is pre-set in the glamping area; only glamping campers will be allowed there. Additionally, no cars are allowed in that area, there is a separate parking lot for glamping vehicles.

Will there be showers on site?
Yes, there will be both paid and complimentary (as part of some camping packages) fresh water showers on site.

How many camping nights does the RV with/ no hookups or the RV with hookups get you? Is this determined by how many days your festival entry pass is for?
Your RV pass will be applied to as many days as your purchased festival ticket.

If you purchased a 2-day festival ticket, your RV pass would be good for 2 days; if you purchased a 4-day ticket, it will be good for all 4 nights.

If we buy the pre-set camping package, do we get to keep the tent and gear?
Yes, you will be able to keep this gear!

What is the bed situation for the 2 and 4-person bell tent?
In a 2-person Bell tent, you will have a choice of two (2) twin beds or one (1) queen bed. 4-person Bell tent, you will have a choice of either four (4) twin beds or two (2) queen beds.

Will RV w/ no hookups be separated from RV w/ Hookups?
Yes, RVs without hookups will be separate from RVs with power.

Will pump & dump and water refill also be available for the RV’s with/ no hookups on site for a fee?
Yes, both will be available on-site for a small fee.

Are propane refills available for purchase onsite?
No, we do not offer propane refills on-site. The propane you bring in must last you for the weekend. Small Coleman-style propane grills are the only exception to the festival’s open-flame rule. Please do not bring charcoal grills, wood, fire pits, tiki torches, any fuel, or large propane tanks. All these items will be confiscated at the gates and not returned.

What is the generator policy?
No outside/detached generators are allowed into the event. It’s a health and safety issue.

Does the companion vehicle need to be in tow, or can it be driven separately when arriving at the same time?
The companion vehicle can be driven separately as long as it arrives at the same time.

Can RV guests pitch tents around the RV sites?
No tents will be allowed in the RV area

How many people are able to camp in my RV with me?
There is no limit to the amount of people that can stay in your RV, but everyone must have a festival wristband.


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