The Eclipse

A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the cosmos in motion.

Right Time, Right Place

Right Time, Right Place

Texas Eclipse is an exceedingly rare chance to experience over 4 minutes of totality, in the picturesque landscape of Reveille Peak Ranch, free from light pollution.

We will see one of the longest total solar eclipses near a major metro area in North American history! 

Located just an hour north of Austin, the event will feature the best of Central Texas culture, including music, art, local food, and craft vendors.

  • 4:20+ Time
    An epic amount of totality.
  • 20+ Years
    Not another total solar eclipse in the USA until 2044.
  • ~1 hour drive
    From Austin and San Antonio cities and airports.

Hundreds of Years in the Making

A total solar eclipse is an exceptionally rare celestial event. It is estimated to recur at any given place only once every 400 years. For Central Texas, it’s been over 600 years since the last opportunity to witness one on this land!

  • Last Time in Central Texas
    May 26, 1397
  • Coming Soon
    April 8, 2024
  • The Next Time
    February 25, 2343
Hundreds of Years in the Making


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