How Tickets & Camping Works

How Tickets & Camping Works

All festival tickets include access to the standard campgrounds. All guests attending Texas Eclipse must purchase festival tickets.

Texas Eclipse offers GA & VIP festival tickets with different arrival days. All guests have the same departure day.

After selecting which ticket you want to purchase, you can upgrade your camping experience. Look through the different options below.

All camping upgrades are only valid with a festival ticket purchase.

Camping Addons

Customize your camping experience with a suite of upgrades tailored to suit your needs, like RV passes, pre-set glamping setups, car camping, and early entry passes.

Scroll below to learn more about our camping addons: Pre-Set Camping, Shiftpod Package, Base Camp Glamping, Grove Oasis Glamping, Stargazer Glamping Tent, Family Car Camping, Group Car Camping, Quiet Car Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Turnkey RV Packages, and Early Entry.

Camping Addons
Early Car & RV Camping Entry

Early Car & RV Camping Entry

The early bird gets the eclipse!

Upgrade your festival experience with our Early Car & RV Camping passes. These early passes allow you to select your arrival time: Wednesday (April 3, 2024) or Thursday (April 4, 2024). Beat the crowd, secure the best campsites, and settle in before the adventure ahead.

If you purchased a Glamping package and would like to arrive during early arrival, you can purchase an early car pass! We will have your glamping tents ready early.

Each pass is sold per vehicle.

You must have purchased a 4-Day ticket to arrive early. 3-Day or 2-Day tickets will not be permitted. Already bought your festival tickets and looking to upgrade or change your camping? Please submit your inquiry via the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How are campsites assigned?
Campsites will be assigned as you arrive! If you’d like to camp close to your friends, ensure everyone arrives together!

I have car camping. Do I need to purchase a parking pass as well?
No, you do not need to purchase a parking pass if you have car camping

Will there be showers on site?
Yes, there will be fresh water showers on site, both paid and comped, as part of camping packages, depending on your purchase!

What days is my camping pass good for?
Your camping pass will be applied to the same amount of days as you purchased for festival admission. Example: If you purchased a 2-day festival ticket and RV camping, your RV pass would be suitable for two days; if you bought a 4-day ticket, it would be ideal for all 4.

Are we allowed to bring stoves?
Small Coleman-style propane grills are the only exception to the festival’s open-flame rule. Please do not bring charcoal grills, wood, fire pits, tiki torches, fuel, or large propane tanks. All these items will be confiscated at the gates and not returned.

Which camping packages come with flushable toilets?
Only pre-set camping and glamping packages come with free showers and flushable toilets.

Will there be wifi on site?
We will have complimentary wifi available in select areas of the event.

How far is tent camping from the parking lot?
It will be approximately a half-mile walk from the parking lot to the tent camping.

How large are camping spaces?

  • Tent Camping: Tent camping spaces are 140 sqft per campsite.
  • Car Camping: Car camping spaces are 300 sqft per campsite to accommodate your vehicle and tents. Vehicles camping in car camping must be under 16ft long. All vehicles over 16ft that are modified to live out of will require an RV Pass (this includes conversion vans, sprinter vans, school busses, etc.). All teardrop trailers, pop-up campers, and RVs will need an RV pass. No trailers of any kind (cargo or residential) will be allowed inside car camping.
  • RV Camping: RV Camping spaces are 1000 sqft (50ft x 20 ft). RV camping comes with one one-vehicle companion pass. If your vehicle is towing your RV, that vehicle will be considered your companion vehicle. If you can drive your RV without a towing vehicle, we will allow one companion vehicle to park in your RV campsite.


Will sites with hookups be in a separate area away from sites without hookups, or are they intermixed?
Yes, RVs without hookups will be in a separate area from RVs with power.

What comes with an RV+ camping pass?
RV+ camping comes with a 30 amp power hookup to power the RV for the entire event.

Will pump & dumps and water refills be available?
Yes, both will be available onsite for a small fee!

Is a propane refill available for purchase onsite?
No, we do not offer propane refills onsite. The propane you bring in must last you for the weekend.

What is the generator policy?
No outside generators are allowed into the event. This is a health and safety issue.

Do people with a trailer need an RV pass?
All teardrop trailers, pop-up campers, and RVs will require an RV pass. All vehicles over 16ft that are modified to live out of will require an RV Pass (this includes conversion vans, sprinter vans, school busses, etc.).

Does the companion vehicle need to be in tow, or can it be driven separately when arriving simultaneously?
If your RV can drive itself without a vehicle towing it, the companion vehicle can be driven separately as long as it arrives at the same time.

Can RV guests pitch tents around the RV sites?
No residential tents will be allowed in the RV area, but EZ UPs and pop-up canopies are permitted.

Is it necessary to buy an RV pass simultaneously with tickets?
This can be purchased later if you do not want to buy it immediately with your festival admission. This is subject to availability.

How many people can camp in my RV with me?
There is no limit to the amount of people that can stay in your RV, but everyone must have festival admission and camp inside the RV.

Can I upgrade my RV pass to RV+?
Please reach out to for availability

I am renting my RV, and someone is dropping it off onsite. Is this allowed?
If someone is dropping off your RV, you must arrive with them, and they must depart immediately after dropping off the RV.

Preset Camping & Glamping

What is included with Pre-Set Camping?

Pre-set campsites will have your tent set up in advance, ensuring a smooth arrival to the festival, with little to no effort required to make yourself at home. All items are yours to keep after the festival!

Includes: Commemorative Texas Eclipse 2024 tent. Sleeping bags and pads. Pillows and pillowcases. Lantern. Exclusive amenities include private pre-set camping restrooms & showers.

What comes with Base Camp Glamping?

This enhanced experience for up to two or four people offers a short walk home at night and a great camping setup in an exclusive cleared sunny area, complete with a comfy bed.

Includes: Vehicle Pass for nearby parking. Premium and spacious campground adjacent to the festival areas. Spacious bell tent. Twin or Queen-sized beds. Bedding, including pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and comforter. Throw pillow, area rug, 1 side table, 1 light, and 2 chairs. 5 qt Cooler and Tent lock. Outlet in the tent for charging small electronic devices (10 Amp). Private Glamping restrooms and showers. Exclusive Shaded Lounge. Exclusive 24/7 onsite concierge. For those being dropped off at the camping toll booths, a complimentary shuttle from the toll booths to the base camp will be provided based on availability.

What comes with Grove Oasis Glamping?

The ultimate Texas Eclipse Glamping experience. This upgraded glamping area is in an old Live Oak grove, nestled alongside a winding creek. With only a 5-minute walk to the Cosmic Experience and an 8-minute walk from the Main Stage, this area provides the most relaxing camping experience.

Includes: Thursday Early Entry pass. Exclusive express entry into the venue. Vehicle Parking Pass for nearby parking adjacent to the Grove Glamping Oasis. Premium and spacious campground adjacent to the festival areas. Coffee and Continental Breakfast Bar Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Spacious bell tent. Twin or Queen-sized beds. Bedding, including pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and comforter. Throw pillows, 4×6 area rug, 2 side tables, 2 lanterns, bistro table, 2 chairs. 5 qt cooler, and tent lock. Outlet in the tent for charging small electronic devices (20 Amp). Private Glamping restrooms and showers. Exclusive Shaded Lounge. Exclusive 24/7 onsite concierge.

What size are the pre-set camping tents?
Pre-set tents are 8×8 with 64 sq ft of space. These can comfortably accommodate up to 2 people and their luggage.

Can we keep the tent and gear if we buy the pre-set camping package?
Yes, you will be able to keep this gear in pre-set camping. Please note that this does not include glamping.

Is Bell camping pricing per tent or person?
Bell Glamping packages are sold per tent and have 2 and 4-person options.

Is the glamping belle add-on separate from the general car camping?
The belle tent is pre-setup in the glamping area, and no campers without a glamping pass will be allowed into that area. Additionally, no cars are allowed in that area. There is a separate parking lot for glamping.

What is the bed situation for the 2 and 4-person bell tent?
This includes your choice of either two (2) twin mattresses or one (1) queen mattress.

How big are glamping spaces?
The typical space allotted to each glamping space is 20×20. The tents are 5M in diameter, so they typically have a decent amount of extra space, although some of it is restricted by the guidelines securing the tent to the ground.

Can we have EZ-ups outside our glamping tents?
Space is tight, and not all tent placements have guaranteed space for easy-ups, but if you mention it at check-in, we’ll do our best to accommodate your placement. We do have to make sure there is room for fire lanes and foot traffic, and there is a chance you won’t be able to set them up.



Have a question or want to get involved? Submit your inquiry below! Pay special attention to your Nature of Inquiry and Subject selections to ensure your message is directed to the appropriate person.